easterWith Easter right around the corner, you are probably preparing yourself to eat tons of food. From your tía's ham to your mami's flan, it's easy to gorge yourself during the holiday. The truth is you don't have to worry about weight gain or ruining your diet on Easter.

If you monitor your portions and the type of food you are eating, it should be easy for you to get back on track.


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I know I can't resist a chocolate Easter bunny on this holiday and somehow I always manage to polish one off in a day. However, this year I know I have to get my act together and should watch what I'm feeding my body.

This doesn't mean I can't have any chocolate or my favorite dessert. Instead it's more about learning how to make smarter choices while still having your cake and eating it too.

Below are some ways you too can curb those unwanted calories during Easter dinner.

1. Have chocolate: You can have chocolate during Easter, but don't buy the candy in bulk and don't forget to share. If you do choose to have this sweet, opt for the dark chocolate version and try to pair it with some fruit.

2. Pile up on sides: Chances are you aren't just going to have meats and carbs at the dinner table. Make sure to pile the majority of your plate with healthier sides such as veggies before adding on some mac & cheese or mashed potatoes.

3. Get physical: Besides making everything centered around food, have some other activities for the family. Have an Easter egg hunt or go out and play a game of tag or baseball with children in the family.

4. Make a healthy dish: If you are going over to someone's home, bring a dish that is nutritious, therefore you have something healthy to eat.

5. Eat slowly: Take your time by spreading out the meals day of. Take your time having the main course and letting your body digest before having dessert. Piling on everything at once will not only leave you stuffed, but most likely ingesting excess calories.

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