Latina mom dies after Brazilian butt lift procedure gone horribly wrong

butt implantAfter hearing about so many deaths related to plastic surgery, this one left me shocked the most. A 51-year-old mom of five from Florida died after having a Brazilian butt lift surgery gone wrong. Maribel Cardona went in for the procedure at Vanity Cosmetic Center in July after paying a non-refundable $4,000 down payment. The sad part is she was having second thoughts because of the risks involved, but decided to follow through to avoid losing the money she'd already spent.

She should have listened to her instinct because as she predicted, things went awry during the surgery.


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Cardona reportedly found the cosmetic center through word of mouth and heard that it was inexpensive compared to other places. She placed a down payment for the surgery but started having second thoughts when her son voiced concerns over it. Unfortunately the money could not be refunded and she risked going through the procedure as she originally planned.

Cardona's blood pressure and oxygen dropped five minutes after the surgery was over. Then she ended up suffering from a heart attack caused by a pulmonary embolism and died. I think the biggest shocker here is that her doctor, Anthony Hasan isn't even a REAL plastic surgeon. Instead, he is a dermatologist but by Florida state law,  any doctor can legally perform plastic surgery despite their expertise. The controversial doctor has a sketchy history of malpractice and isn't even labeled as an expert on butt implants.

"I checked everything that had to be checked and, honestly, I don't believe I could have done anything different," he said defending himself. An actual plastic surgeon at the University of Miami says Cardona should not have died from this surgery if it was done by the right person.

It saddens me that people will put their lives at risk by going to these sketchy locations for plastic surgery. If Cardona listened to her instincts and her son she would still be here right now. Money can be regained, but you only have one body and it is important to put your health first. It shocks me that Florida has such a risky law on its books. I'm not against getting plastic surgery, but if you are, at least go with a reputable surgeon as opposed to a dermatologist! My thoughts are with Cardona's family, but ladies this just proves that we have to be super careful if we decide to go under the knife.

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