5 Sneaky ways to wake up feeling & looking skinnier

sleepingSometimes we want that overnight fix where we can wake up feeling and looking skinnier than the day before. It might sound like you would need a magic potion for that but the good news is you don't! In fact I have found a sneaky way that will have you slim down all while in your sleep.


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I'm not selling you a diet or a weight loss fad if that's what you're thinking. Instead I'm offering suggestions on how you can improve your lifestyle in order to lose weight the healthy and efficient way. It is possible to reach your goal weight if you follow some of these little tricks.

You won't even have to give up your favorite foods! Just tweak certain aspects of your diet and daily routine and you'll be good to go! Get the skinny with our tips below!

Set yourself a bed time: By setting yourself a bed time every night, you are preventing yourself from overeating. Studies have shown that people who are sleep deprived tend to eat more and opt for less healthy foods during the day. 

Eat REAL foods: When you eat real foods such as fruits and veggies, you prevent yourself from munching on less healthier options during the day. Make sure to choose easily digestible foods to avoid bloating and discomfort.

Exercise: If you're not a fan of fitness, you can still get a workout in without pounding the treadmill. Instead go for a walk, dance, or find an activity you enjoy to get you moving. This will also do wonders for your sleep cycle!

Avoid late night snacking: If you aren't timing out your meals properly during the day, chances are you'll be tempted to have midnight snacks. If you must, opt for a protein or fiber-filled snack.

Eliminate carbonated beverages: If you want to wake up slim, you must get rid of any soda in your diet. This not only bloats you, but you are consuming extra sugar your body does not need that can be stored away as fat. You'll notice a difference right away!

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