Her ex shamed her into losing weight & he should see her now!

Nothing ticks me off more than hearing about a guy calling his own girlfriend fat. But that's actually what motivated one 19-year-old girl to finally lose weight. Nina Osegueda (now 30) claims that her college sweetheart told her she needed to shed the pounds in the meanest way ever. "You know, you'd look better if you lose weight," he said to her. But unlike most teenage girls, instead feeling sorry for herself, Nina used his harsh criticism as motivation to get herself in shape. If only her jerk ex-boyfriend could see her now!


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As you probably figured, Nina dumped the loser shortly after he told her she needed to lose weight. "He was the tall, blonde, skinny type of guy who had no idea what it was like to be a short, Latina chubby teenage girl," she said. "He didn't know that, like most girls, I thought about my weight every hour of every day." By 19, Nina was already shopping in the "misses" plus-size section of Macy's and feeling like a viejita. Even though she swam and played sports, Nina had a very unhealthy diet that consisted of doughnuts, sugary beverages and high carb, fatty foods.

She eventually cut all the junk food out and replaced them with healthy, low-carb meals. She even took up belly dancing and in only a year lost 60 pounds. Nina went from 180 pounds down to 125. She's also maintained that weight years later. Now at 30 she weighs 130 pounds and wears a size 6 to 8 dress size. The girl works out three to four times a week and looks freaking amazing!

"Not only has my weight improved, but so has my stamina" she said. As for the ex-boyfriend, he's 100 percent out of the picture. He tried stalking her a few times after she dumped him and was even physically abusive. But Nina kicked that fool to the curb. She married a man who appreciates her for who she is in 2009 and hasn't been happier. Good for her!

I'm SO happy for this woman! She was maturely able to use one bad experience from a jerk ex-boyfriend and use it as inspiration to transform her life. Now she looks incredible and her ex must be hating himself now!

Image via Nina Osegueda

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