This popular diet may not be as good for you as you thought

You know I always try to tell my readers about the latest diets and trends in healthy living. There is so much information out there that it's hard to know which trends to follow and which to ignore. Today I'm going to talk about the vegan diet. This diet is being talked about by a lot of fitness gurus. But is it truly a healthy option? The answer might surprise you--read on!


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First, let's discuss what a vegan diet is. It is completely plant based. No dairy, meat, or eggs--no animal products at all. The hard part of the diet is getting enough protein in your diet. Since you're not eating meat you'll need to get protein from soy, beans, nut and grains. This can be hard to accomplish. Without enough protein and even good cards you can end up feeling tired and having a low energy level.

You also have to realize there are lots of foods that are not animal based--and therefore fall in the vegan category--but are not good for you. You still need to concentrate on a wholesome balanced diet.

If you carefully select your foods from fresh vegetables, fruits, and protein you can eat a healthy diet on the vegan diet. You'll also eliminate sugar, salt and bad fats. A plant based diet is a good option. As you know, I recommend my readers get 70 percent of their diet from healthy green foods.

It can be argued that eating plant-based foods directly is better for you than eating animals that have eaten the plants. Again, the secret is making sure you get enough protein without eating meat.

Some people choose this diet as a moral statement against cruelty to animals and not just for health reasons. This is a personal choice, of course.

But the vegan diet is not for everyone. I tried the vegan diet myself for a week and I have to tell you, I felt awful. So maybe this diet works for some people but I'm not one of them.

If you're really curious, I suggest trying it for yourself for a week and seeing how you feel. If it doesn't work for you try something different. Some people have found more success with the Mediterranean diet which limits animal products but doesn't eliminate them completely.

My recommendation is still the same. Eat a healthy diet filled with lean protein, fresh fruits and veggies, and whole grains. Make sure you're exercising several times a week. If you're doing these things you'll start to lose weight and feel better without the need for a trendy diet.

I'm always interested in my reader's experiences. Have any of you tried a vegan diet? For how long? How did you feel?

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