5 Ways to lose weight like a man

weight lossIf you've tried diet after diet with no luck, then you should probably consider eating like your hubby. Your man might hold a weight loss secret that you had no clue about! Have you ever noticed all he has to do is give up beer and he instantly loses 10 pounds? You on the other hand focus on your diet to the T and the scale doesn't budge.

It's okay, we've all been there! But we picked up some of our man's tricks to help you lose that weight once and for all!


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If you want to lose weight quickly the way your guys does, you need to relax! Stressing over those pounds you want gone is only going to make the process harder. You also have to keep in mind that our bodies are built differently therefore it's not going to be easier for us.

Guys have bigger muscle mass which allow them to burn up to 30 percent more calories. We biologically have more body fat, but that does't mean you can't get in shape.

The trick is to follow some of your man's sneaky weight loss tricks. Check them out below!

Lift weights: It's time to swap that elliptical machine for the weight rack. Men are drawn to weights and constantly challenge themselves. Add a strength training routine at least twice a week with heavy weights--and don't worry you won't become the hulk!

He indulges:  Men don't stress themselves over eating their favore foods.  Instead they eat what they want but keep portion control in mind.

They are not emotionally attached to dieting: You've probably been hard on yourself if those last pounds won't budge, but men do the opposite. They don't let weight loss consume them the way women do.

Up your protein: Men tend to reach for more protein if they are on a diet plan. Women can take some pointers from them by loading up on them as well. This will keep your hunger at bay and even help you build muscle.

Don't eat "diet" food: If you stock up on Slim Fast shakes and Weight Watchers snacks, nix them. Men usually stick to REAL foods in their weight loss plans and avoid those processed "fat free," "low fat" labels at the supermarket.

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