Readers tell me that even though they're exercising and eating a nutritious diet they still suffer from low energy in the morning. When this happens, it can make you feel sluggish all day. Here are five ways I build my energy level first thing every morning. Another benefit: These steps kick my metabolism in high gear.

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That's it. Following these five steps helps me feel energetic and ready to go in the morning. Give them a try for one week and I guarantee you'll see a difference in your energy level.

And I always love to hear from my readers. What do you do in the mornings to get your energy level up? What do you do when you have trouble sleeping? What is your favorite morning exercise? Let me know your thoughts!

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This post was originally published March 10, 2014.

1. Start each day with deep breathing 1

1. Start each day with deep breathing

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Most people breathe very shallow breaths. You need to take a deep breath that fills your abdomen. Hold it for 30 seconds and then slowly breathe out. Do this at least ten times. It's good to repeat this during the day--especially when you feel stressed.


2. Drink some warm water with lemon 2

2. Drink some warm water with lemon

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When this enters your digestive track, your body receives an energy boost. It also helps cleanse your system and builds up your immune system. Lemon also contains pectin fiber, which helps you fight hunger. Drinking lemon water also helps you fight anxiety and depression. Another benefit of lemon water is it helps your skin stay looking youthful and even fights wrinkles.


3. Have some green juice and a nutritious breakfast 3

3. Have some green juice and a nutritious breakfast

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For a proper healthy diet at least 75 percent of the food you eat should be green, fresh foods. Start your day with some fiber, protein and whole grains. This will keep you feeling full. Remember to eat every three hours. This not only keeps your energy level up; but it keeps you from getting too hungry and giving into binge eating or eating unhealthy foods.

4. Start the day with some exercise 4

4. Start the day with some exercise

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This gets your body in action. Your blood will be pumping oxygen to all parts of your body. The movement will get your metabolism going and your energy level will rise. It's good to exercise at least 30 minutes in the morning if possible. But if not, do at least 15 minutes.


5. Make sure you get enough sleep 5

5. Make sure you get enough sleep

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Without proper sleep you'll feel tired in the morning and probably the rest of the day. Try to get at least seven to eight hours sleep each night. Turn off all electronic devices an hour before bedtime. Read a book or take a hot bath to relax. Be sure the room you're sleeping in is completely dark. If you're having trouble sleeping; make sure you've eliminated caffeinated drinks from your diet.