5 Things you didn't know about your weight

scaleWhen it comes to women and weight, it's quite the touchy subject. Seeing that number on the scale can set a positive or negative tone to our day. We put lots of emphasis on our weight, that we set goals to lose five, ten, or more pounds thinking it will make us happier.

We are slaves to the scale and we should stop this dirty habit now because we are more than just a number. In fact there's a lot more to your weight than you think!


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For a while I went by the scale to determine my overall health and if I was in shape. Then one day I decided to just stop--and boy was that liberating. I made sure I was eating right and exercising without putting too much emphasis on the scale and that alone boosted my mood.

We think that number determines who we are as women, but in reality it's just that--another number. Because of this we forget the other things that are factored in to these digits besides fat. Take a look at these interesting weight facts below!

We have different amounts of fat cells: Our fat cells depend on genetics or if we have gained or lost weight. If you are prone to have more fat cells, chances are you started growing them before you were three. Having more fat cells is a good thing because it allows fat to distribute evenly as opposed to packing extra fat into a few cells.

Your spouse can affect your weight: If you man is obese or overweight chances are it has affected your waistline. Studies have found that if one spouse is obese, there is a 37 percent chance that the other will get there too.

Body fat percentage vs Body mass index: It used to be believed that Body mass index (BMI) which is determined by weight and height was the key health factor. But the former is more accurate because it measures your fat, muscle, and bones

Muscle makes up most of your body: About 35 to 40 percent of your body is made up of muscle. The good news is muscle is easier to gain than lose, so take advantage of this and pump iron!  

Your period can make you "gain" weight: You probably have noticed that when you step on the scale around your time of the month, the number goes up. This could be due to PMS cravings that increase your appetite and bloating from water retention. Don't worry, it's only temporary!

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