Beat period pain with these 5 fitness moves

I'll be the first to admit I HATE working out when I have my period. In fact, just last week I decided to take an intensive dance/aerobic class with my friend--and boy was I a hot mess! Not only did the constant squatting and jumping up and down worsen my cramps, but I swore I felt my pad shifting during certain moves. I spent more time trying to keep that pad in place than focusing on the actual work out!


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To be honest, I rather curl up on my couch with a tub of ice cream when I have my period than hit the gym. But I have found that certain workouts actually help my periods become more tolerable. Believe it or not, the right exercises can soothe cramps, lighten your flow and even shift your mood. It's amazing! Here are few that might work for you!

Do yoga: Nothing eases my period pains quit like yoga. The combination of stretching, strengthening and constant breathing provides quick and complete relief. I recommend the butterfly pose. Simply sit on your mat and bring the soles of your feet together making sure your knees are pointing out. Make sure to keep your back straight and keep this pose for two to three minutes deeply breathing.

Walk: Whenever I'm struggling with abdominal or menstrual pain, I always go for a long power walk. It relieves pain and also brings up my energy levels.

Go for a run: Like I said, aerobics don't normally agree with me during that time of the month, but intense cardio like running help me beat the fatigue and sluggish feeling I get when I'm on my period. I've noticed it also lightens my flow! Just make sure to keep yourself hydrated.

Do a pilates plank: Pilates is another great option for when you have your period. I like to do the pilates plank pose whenever I'm struggling with cramps. The great part is you're relieving cramps while getting in a good all-over workout.

Dance: Dance aerobic exercises like Zumba (that require jumping and squatting) can seem overwhelming when you're struggling with cramps, but breaking it out on the dance floor with some simple salsa steps or a romantic bachata can help bring up your energy levels, burn calories and get you in an awesome mood. Who doesn't want that?

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