I recently discovered that Christina Milian does Twerk Out workouts to get in shape. It's basically an aerobics/dance workout that involves twerking your booty left and right. And it looks like she's really enjoying it because she's been posting a number of pictures (including the one above) of her in class on Instagram and I have to admit--she's looking great! Look at those super toned legs! Celebrities don't get in top notch shape sitting on their butts all day. They have to work out too!


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Christina isn't the only celebrity who loves to Instagram photos of herself working out--a ton of them do! And you know what, I see nothing wrong with it. Some people consider the workout instagram trend obnoxious but if they're working hard for those slim toned bodies, why not show them off? Check out how some of our favorite celebs get their sweat on!

Image via Christina Milian/Instagram

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