5 Things you didn't know about farts​

fartsFarting, passing gas, flatulence, whatever you call it, we all do it. For some it's an embarrassing topic, but for others it's not a big deal. Farting is often received with laughter and or disgust. That depends on how bad they may smell, how loud they are, and so forth. The ones you really want to watch out for are the SBD (silent but deadly) types.

The truth is you don't know much about your farts as you think!


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It's not considered ladylike to fart openly in public or around strangers. Sometimes you can't help it and you just let one rip. Maybe you had too much a flatulent causing food or it's your bodily need to do so.

Did you know that only some people are susceptible to producing smelly gas? Interestingly enough that all depends on the bacteria you have in your stomach. If you find this interesting then wait till you hear what else your farts can tell you.

Check it out below!

We pass gas 20 times a day: This can be through farting or burping throughout the day and is caused by digestion and is composed of carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and methane.

40 percent of people have smelly farts: The gut bacteria you have determines if you have smelly farts or not. The other 60 percent doesn't produce smelly gas. You can tell if you are the former by paying attention to your gasses after eating fiberous foods since the  smelly type bacteria love sulphites.

Your farts can tell you have intolerances: Some people can't handle dairy, others gluten and your farts can sometimes hint that you are allergic to them. Artificial sweetener, fruits, beans and other foods can cause gas, and it is important to introduce them slowly to your diet if you know you are sensitive to them.

You fart even after you die: Your body continues to digest long after you die and that which survives is the bacteria in your stomach. When this happens some bacteria eats away at our intestine which causes you to continue passing gas.

Controlling excessive gas: If you find yourself to be a bit too gassy, then reduce this problem by eating smaller meals, avoiding fatty foods, drinking ginger, peppermint, or fennel tea.

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