5 Ways your home is making you fat!

Sometimes, when we are trying to lose weight, we want to figure out what we need to change from our diets. Maybe we have been eating too many carbs and not enough greens ... but did you ever suspect that your home may be to blame? It might sound weird associating your home with weight gain, but you would be surprised to know the major role it could be playing around your waistline. 

Don't believe me? Read on to find out how!


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Our homes are the last things we'd blame for our bad eating habits, right? After all, where we live keeps us warm, safe, and gives us a roof over our heads. However a certain way your home is set up could be causing you to overindulge on unhealthy foods--hence the weight gain. 

And with the bad weather we are still experiencing making us spend even more time at home, it's just bad news for our waistlines! So how exactly could your house be causing you unwanted weight?

Check out the reasons below:

It's too dark: By letting light into your home you prevent yourself from binge-eating. Studies have found that you are more likely to eat more in dimly lit places because you'e less self conscious.

It's too warm: Recently we told you that researchers found that people who let themselves be cold, burned more calories than those who didn't. If you're used to keeping your home at a warm temperature, you could be missing out on this benefit. Therefore lower the thermostat a little and burn those calories away!

Your glasses and plates are the wrong shape: If you are using to eating from big plates chances are you are going to not be in control of your portions. Instead swap for smaller plates to create the illusion that you are eating more. As for glasses go for tall and thin ones because you'll pour less liquid in it compared to shorter and rounder ones.

Your healthy food is nowhere in sight: This is a simple trick. If you keep your healthy foods on your kitchen counters, chances are you will eat them. But if you keep them tucked all the way back in your fridge you're less likely to reach for them. The key is to keep as many healthy foods as easily accessible as possible in your home.

Your entertainment center: Having big screen TVs and an excellent sound system can cause you to eat more because you'll sit around being less active. If you sit in front of a TV you will eat more often, therefore avoid it when you're having meals.

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