You'll never guess what people are doing these days to get themselves to lose weight. They're injecting Botox into their stomachs.Yup, Botox. Supposedly, once it's injected into the stomach muscles, it instantly slows the speed at which your food travels through the stomach, making you feel fuller for much longer so you ultimately eat less. But does this crazy method really work?


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Animal studies have shown that you can lose up to a third of your weight in just five weeks, but a study on humans done by the American Gastroenterology Association found that while it did slow the speed of food from traveling to the stomach, it didn't lead to drastic or even significant weight loss.

I'm sorry, but I'm calling BS on this one. Not only am I not convinced that Botox injected into the stomach actually works, but it also doesn't seem safe to me. Botox is botulism, a deadly toxic disease that in the past has affected the intestines! So why would anyone voluntarily choose to inject this into their stomach?

And if you think that's crazy, you have to check out some of the other insane weight-loss practices people are trying these days! P.S. I don't recommend you try any of these methods!

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