SEE: Heartbreaking pic of Latina mom after breast augmentation gone wrong

Back in August, we told you about the very sad case of Linda Perez, a then 18-year-old teen mom who'd been left in a coma after a breast augmentation surgery went wrong. In October, Perez woke up from her coma and today, she's back home with her parents--but she looks nothing like she used to be before this nightmare began.


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The now 19-year-old requires 24-hour nurse care because she can't walk, can't move her hands and can barely say a few words due to the brain damage she suffered caused by complications with the anesthesia. But the most shocking part of all is the way she looks ... 

It just seems like such a cruel joke for a girl who cared so much about her looks that she was willing to go under the knife to end up looking so gaunt and weak. It's truly heartbreaking and I can't imagine what this ordeal must be like for her parents, but most of all, what it must be like for her 4-year-old son to see his mom like this.

Her parents plan to sue the Coral Gables Cosmetic Center for medical malpractice. Meanwhile, her surgeon, Dr. Jacob Freiman, claims Linda didn't disclose all her medical issues to her and that her mother told a doctor that something similar had happened to her when she gave birth.

If that's true and Linda didn't tell her doctor about it, this story is even more tragic than I thought because it just goes to show the lengths some women are willing to go in the name of beauty. Linda's mom says they don't talk about the surgery, but that sometimes, when her daughter realizes what has happened, she cries. ¡Pobrecita!

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