SEE: Woman loses 85 lbs after BF dumps her & he should see her now!

Breakups suck, but for one woman from London it was what she needed to finally lose some weight. Mimi Cizmari weighed 238 pounds when her boyfriend dumped her. She was devastated, but she also realized it was time for a change. She worked her butt off and managed to drop 85 pounds. You have to see her now--she looks like a whole new woman!


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Mimi doesn't say that her boyfriend dumped her specifically because of her weight, but you get the impression that it may have had something to do with it. She claims that after moving in together, she had gone from 154 pounds to 238, her heaviest ever.

"I was eating chocolate, sweets and crisps all evening and then having problems sleeping, so I would eat through my tiredness the next day," she said. "I knew I was getting fat, but I was comfortable in my relationship so I didn't care. I was heartbroken when we broke up, but now I'm glad I was dumped. It was just the thing I needed to lose weight."

Mimi went from a size 18 to a size 8 in just a matter of months after putting herself on the alkaline diet, which involves cutting out highly acidic foods like pasta, wheat, beans, dairy, products, meat and only drinking water. It also entails peeing on an alkaline strip every single morning to check what her acid levels were like. As strict as it was, she stuck with the plan for a year and has never looked back. Now that's dedication!

"Now when I walk down the street people turn their heads, and I know they think I look good," Mimi said. "I've even been approached to do modeling, I feel fantastic. I haven't found a new man yet, but it isn't because I haven't had any offers. I get loads of attention off guys now."

The alkaline diet might seem intense, but in Mimi's case it sure was worth it. Not only does she look AMAZING, she's healthier and a lot more confident too.

She claims she'll never go back to way she was and who the heck would?

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