SEE: What your doctors aren't telling you about drastic weight loss

Getting gastric bypass surgery, or even better, losing drastic amounts of weight all on your own can be a life-changing experience for people who struggle with obesity. Who wouldn't want to slim down, get healthier, and feel more confident about themselves? But what most health experts don't tell you is that with drastic weight loss, comes saggy skin. In fact, a documentary called, My Baggy Body follows three people that were left with pounds of excess skin after losing tons of weight and it's pretty heartbreaking.


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The co-stars on the show are Sarah, Gregg, and Pauline. The three of them all struggle with the same problem: saggy skin after drastic weight loss. The droopy rolls look so bad, they feel just as bad about their bodies as they did before losing weight. Gregg, who happens to only be 30 years old, is the hardest on himself about it, because unlike Sarah and Pauline, he lost the weight without the help of gastric bypass surgery.

After three years of healthy eating and constant exercise, Gregg finally achieved his goal weight. But he's still ashamed of his body due to the baggy skin that's developed. "In my head, it was get slim, get a girlfriend, settle down--all the things normal people have," he explains. He even believes it's the reason why his last relationship didn't last. He claims after six weeks of dating he showed the girl his baggy body and never heard from her again. iPobrecito! "That's the only thing I can think of," he adds. "It's the body that put her off."

Sarah, who is currently engaged to her fiancé Ed, and lost 126 pounds after her gastric bypass surgery, but doesn't want to get married until she loses all the loose skin hanging from her body. "I still feel fat and that's because I have tires, they are not tires of fat anymore, but tires of skin," she said.

Drastic weight loss, especially from gastric bypass surgery, many times leaves you with saggy skin. And unfortunately, it's not something doctors or even fitness trainers really warn you about. Luckily, there are ways you can minimize these changes or even tighten some of that skin afterwards. It's important to address these concerns with a doctor or nutritionist before beginning your weight loss plan. Just because surgery isn't an option for you, doesn't meant you have to live with that lose skin forever--trust me!

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