The shocking truth about microwaving your food

microwaveI'm used to microwaving certain foods if I'm on the go, but is it really all that healthy? For the longest time you've heard the debate go back and forth about whether it's dangerous or not to microwave your greens. Well, finally the answer is here!

And guess what? It's not what you would expect!


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Food scientist Catherine Adams Hutt explains that whenever food is cooked, it loses nutrients. The key to keeping them as healthy as possible is by cooking them quickly in order to retain nutrients.Therefore the best method for this IS by microwaving foods. The only way that microwaving your foods can kill the nutrition value of your veggies is if they are overcooked by adding too much water to it.

Another thing to keep in mind while microwaving is to make sure you aren't using a plastic container and that it is made out of a microwave safe glass. There are some setbacks to microwaving such as getting burned and using the wrong container which can expose you to toxic chemicals.

Most people are concerned about the dangers surrounding the microwave due to radiation. Apparently this shouldn't be of cause for concern because microwaves release non-ionizing radiation which does not damage molecules in your body or food.

The only other better method than microwaving to maintain veggie nutrients is by steaming them on the stovetop. If you choose to microwave your vegetables, the good news is that for some such as carrots, can even increase its nutritional value!  So don't hesitate to microwave your veggies if it is the best option you have. After all it's better to get some nutrition from vegetables in rather than none at all! 

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