8 Things that women with big boobs just can't do

things women with big breasts can't doNo one likes to hear a woman complain about how big her boobs are, except unless it's another woman with really big boobs. The thing is that large tatas come with all sorts of problems, some humorous, some annoying, and some downright painful. Next time you see a woman with large breasts, no matter how fabulous they may look, you may actually want to pity her. Yes, pitty her and bountiful bosom. I'll tell you why.


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Here are just eight things that women with big boobs can't do and rest assured that this is just the tip of the boob-berg.

  • Do spontaneous jumping jacks or run to catch the bus. Without proper support, I'm talking at least two sports bras, it is going to hurt to jump or run and you could put an eye out on a cold day.
  • Eat popcorn and forget about it. Oh you can eat popcorn, but when you go to undress there's going to be all kinds of popcorn bits in your cleavage and underboob and if it was buttered, you might be a little greasy.
  • Go braless. It's not worth it. You may end up with a boob stuck in your armpit when you sleep or your partner might accidentally roll over on one. 
  • Wear anything strapless. I call bullshit on strapless bras working for big boobs. They don't, therefore no strapless or spaghetti strap gowns for the top-heavy.
  • Sleep on your stomach. Not gonna happen. Shoot, you wish massage tables came with holes for your boobs like the holes they have for your face.
  • Ride in cars with lowered suspension. Too much bounce. Not a smooth or comfortable ride at all.
  • Wear a demi cup bra. You can wear one if you want your nipples to pop out or if you want to look like an alien with four boobs. 
  • Wear a fitted button down shirt. I'm sure I don't even have to explain why.

Do you see how limiting the ginormous boobage can be?

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