Botched surgery leaves man with half a penis & permanent erection

penisErectile dysfunction is one of the few things that can scar a man's ego. In the case of 45-year-old Dan Metzgar, the poor man suffered from the condition and upon trying to find a solution ended up with a penis half its original size AND a permanent erection.

The disastrous story begins all the way in 2006 when the father started experiencing erectile problems. That's when he and his wife decided to spend their life savings on a surgery to fix his issue. Unfortunately that choice came with some SERIOUS consequences.


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Metzgar had tried cream and medication after medication to get rid of his woes, but none of it worked. When he chose to get the surgery which implanted a penis pump inside his member, he thought he would be cured. The way the implant works is that there are two balloons inserted into the penis and a pump is attached to the scrotum. there is also a bag of saline attached to the bladder. In order for it to work, he is supposed to squeeze the pump allowing the penis to get filled with the saline and cause an erection.

Unfortuantely the surgery only made his condition worse and it actually became a health burden for Metzgar. Doctors told him the pain would subside once the erection went down but the issue was he was never taught how to manuever the surgically placed device. After the doctor tried to unsuccessfully fix his issue, he was told it would require ANOTHER surgery costing $10,000.

The man couldn't afford the operation, and instead went eight MONTHS with an erection which ended up affecting his home and personal life negatively. During the holidays the situation got MUCH worse when the pump moved and caused a rip in his scrotum and exposed the pump he had implanted. 

He had no other choice but to get operated on again and this time he was left with a penis half its original size, but this time it was fully-functioning. Although losing part of his member was not ideal, Metzgar says he's glad that it is working properly again.

Unbelievable! I think this is a good excuse to sue this doctor because this procedure was ridiculously botched. This poor man's personal life was affected by his condition and who knows how else at this point. It is important that no matter what the surgery, that we keep the consequences in mind and do our research. I'm glad that he's better now, but that sounds like a TOTAL nightmare.

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