Doctors find HUNDREDS of needles inside a woman's knee

kneesA gold mine was found inside a 65-year-old woman's knees in the most uncanny scenario ever. By gold mine, I mean doctors found actual GOLD in the lady's joints. The incident unfolded in South Korea where the unidentified woman who suffers from osteoarthritis visited a hospital for an examination.

Upon taking X-rays doctors discovered more than a hundred of tiny gold needles in the same region and you'll be surprised how they got there!


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It turns out that the only form of relief the woman could get from the pain caused by her condition was through acupuncture. As a result she had hundreds of tiny gold acupuncture needles left purposefully inside her joints. The purpose of them were to help her with pain after the treatment was over.

She tried other medication prescribed to her by doctors, but it didn't bring the quick results that acupuncture did. However, a professor of radiology at Boston University warns that it is dangerous to keep such items inside the human body. Issues the woman can run into are abcesses, swelling, and infections if they aren't removed.

It also makes X-rays harder for doctors to read and could cause artery damage if an MRI was done to the magnet pull between the needles and the machine. Wow, that's some scary stuff!

I've heard of people doing acupuncture before and seeing results, but it worries me if the needles are left inside the body. That can't be good in the long run, especially for a woman at her age. I'm all for alternative medicine as long as it's done in a safe manner. Hopefully doctors can remove these needles from this woman's body, but if not I hope she's wary now of her acupuncture treatment.

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