Man with constant erection waits almost 2 months to get help

erectionMany women complain about their man's inability to perform in the bedroom, but imagine dealing with a man who had an erection lasting seven straight weeks! This crazy incident happened to a 22-year-old Irish man after he suffered an accident while riding his mountain bike.

Um, how is something like this even possible? That sounds so bizarre!


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After almost TWO MONTHS he finally went to get himself checked due to the embarrassment. Doctors say the reason the man experienced the prolonged erection is because he was straddling the bike's crossbar, but there's more to the story...

During analysis, medics say that the man's penis was in no way injured, which is why his erection was abnormal. They later discovered that he had a condition called priapism which means that he has abnormally high blood flow to his penis. Luckily doctors were able to help the man in time because if he had waited longer, he could have risked a dangerous blood clot.

In order to alleviate his member's ordeal, doctors had to insert a gel-like foam and other objects to reduce the high blood flow. Supposedly this type of treatment can cause erectile dysfunction, but it looks like the man is happy to report that he is fully functioning again.

I can't imagine how scary that must have been for him! He definitely waited WAY too long to report his prolonged erection though and could have been cleared of this sooner. I don't know about you, but this experience sounds traumatizing, therefore If I were him, I'd be paranoid about it happening again. Hopefully he has it under control now, but next time maybe he'll do the right thing and SOONER.

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