Get flat abs like Anahi with these 5 easy tips

Mexican singer and former RBD member Anahí recently posted a picture of herself via Instagram featuring some seriously toned abs. I've never seen the girl look so ripped. She's been struggling with weight and looking too skinny for years, it's nice to see her so fit and toned. It makes me want to hit up the gym ASAP!


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It might still be the middle of winter, but it's never too cold to get in shape. I wouldn't mind having abs like Anahí's all here round. I don't know about you, but I'm not exactly waiting for the weather to warm up to flatten my tummy. Here are five ways to get flat abs like Anahí and FAST!

Do cross crunches: If you'll looking to target that belly pouch, cross crunches will get the job done. Begin by lying down on your back with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle. Make sure to support your head with your hand, then lift shoulders off the ground and reach across your body. Do 20-25 reps then stop and repeat on the other side. Believe me, you'll feel the burn!

Try the standing side crunch: If there's one workout that's going to strengthen your abdominal muscles, it's the standing side crunch. Stand up straight with your hands on your side then reach all the way over touching the side of your knee, fluctuating to each side. Go side to side to 20 reps. You can even add 3 pound weights to intensify the workout.

Go into a lunge twist: Lunges aren't just great for your thighs and booty, but also for your abs. Try doing a lunge twist by getting into a lunge position and then twist towards the leg that's out in front of you. Then step back and alternate legs. The twist helps to target your core and abs.

Curl into belly curls: I find belly curl exercises extremely affective. All you have to do is sit straight with your legs bent and feet on the ground. Then roll back until your lower back touches the ground. Take a pause, then inhale and roll yourself back up. Do 15 reps.

Stand up straight: You'd be surprised how much your poster can affect your belly. Always keep your back straight while you're standing, sitting, walking, and especially during workouts.

Image via Anahi/Instagram

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