We become totally attached to certain products and use them religiously. Well, what if those products we are using don't actually work? In other words, they don't actually do what they claim to do or in some cases, they are even bad for us. Would we stop using them once we found out? I doubt it. Hope springs eternal as they say and we want to believe that the answer to our problems can be bought at the store. So what are some of these products I'm talking about? Oh, they are things that I'm sure many of us, if not most of us, have in our bathrooms. Are you ready?

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Here are five things we all use that totally don't work.

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5 Things we all use that totally don't work

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Antibacterial soap

Most antibacterial soap is so full of chemicals that it is more of a danger to you than a help. The FDA has started to demand that soap manufacturers start proving that what is in their soaps is safe or that they take the "antibacterial" substances out all together.

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