Have you ever been told that you can't do something because of your weight? That's exactly what happened to Karyna Douglass. While on a whale watching trip for her 22nd birthday she was moved by the admiration that the Coast Guardsmen inspired and it sparked a desire in her to join the military. When Douglass spoke to her local Navy recruiting center on the phone, she was promptly asked if she weighed more than 160 and since at the time she was weighing 300 pounds, the phone call was over. Her new found dream could have been over as well, but Douglass did the unexpected and lost 110 pounds instead and she isn't done yet. You will not believe how different she looks now.

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So how did she lose the weight? Well, she started running around her neighborhood every night. A few months later she headed to the Navy recruiting center in person and an Army recruiter from the office next door called out to her and told her about a morning workout program for people interested in enlisting. She went to her first training session with a friend and barely made it past the warm-up. Two weeks later she came back and kept at it. Now one year and three months later, she has lost 110 pounds and was sworn into the army on December 12.

Obviously, she worked incredibly hard to lose the weight by working out seven days a week and she also over-hauled her diet. What advice does she have to others who need weight loss and fitness inspiration? She says to lie to yourself, to tell yourself, "You love this feeling. You love being tired. You love being sore. Because in the end, you will."

Kudos to Douglass for what she has accomplished. Also, kudos to the Army recruiter that snagged her from the Navy. He got a good one!

Images via Fox News

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