5 Reasons you should eat dessert to lose weight

dessertMany times, we go on diets and worry about spoiling it by having our favorite desserts. Feelings of guilt overcome us because we gave in to eating an entire cupcake without thinking about the consequences. Well, one unhealthy meal won't make you fat, the same way one healthy meal won't make you skinny. So stop beating yourself up!

Little did you know that having dessert is actually quite GOOD for you and your waistline. In moderation of course!


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Dessert should not be something that you have to stress over. After all it's the best part of a meal and should be savored till the very end. Whether you enjoy a carrot cheesecake or a brownie, you should be able to indulge without feeling bad.

In fact, there are many reasons WHY you should eat dessert if you want to lose weight. Check them out below!

It keeps you on track: Having that cookie or favorite cocktail won't derail your diet as long as you eat healthy the majority of the time. Depriving yourself can actually cause you to fail in the long run.

You can have it for breakfast! Studies have shown that if you eat dessert in the morning along with another big meal, you will burn the calories easier since our metabolism is at its peak then.

All you need is a few bites: You don't need to eat a huge slice of cake to enjoy the flavor. Sometimes all you need are a few bites to satisfy that craving. Just make sure to practice portion control.

You can share: If you really feel bad about breaking your diet, you can always split dessert with a friend or co-worker.You won't miss out on the treat and you slash half the calories by sharing!

Life is too short: Life is too short to not have dessert. If you're going to have it, make sure you do it right!

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