5 Healthy foods that will keep you full & help you lose weight FAST

eatingHere's some good news for all you dieters out there: You don't have to starve in order to lose weight! The trick is to eat the right healthy foods that will ward off any of those pesky cravings you may have. You won't even realize you miss them!

There's always that misconception that you're going to miss certain foods, but the truth is it's all about feeding your body the nutrients it needs. Otherwise you'll be hitting the snack counter way sooner than expected and ruining your diet.


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There are so many choices it comes to eating healthy foods that keep you full. Some won't do the trick as well as others will, which is why we are here to help! Make sure to add these food essentials to your diet and you will see that the weight will come off before you know it!

Eggs: Studies have shown that you eat 330 calories less throughout the day if you eat eggs. Have them for breakfast and you'll stave off hunger until lunch time.

Beans: Beans of all types are a great way to get protein and fiber in. That way it keeps you full longer and will keep you from overeating later. Have them in a soup or salad for lunch.

Apples: Make sure to keep this handy fruit at your desk at all times. In case a hunger pang comes over you, apples can help you stay full due to it's high fiber content. They're also low calorie and are great for your diet!

Peppermint tea: A cup of peppermint tea can easily curb your appetite as well as calm you down. Add green tea to your mix in order to give your metabolism a boost.

Chia & flax seeds: These tiny seeds are decieving to the eye, but they can keep you full for a long time. They contain appetite suppressing qualities such as Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, and fiber.  

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