cold sore'Tis the season for...cold sores. Those unsightly blisters that appear on your lips are almost unavoidable this time of the year because of the dryness and cold that usually triggers the virus. Not only are they painful and uncomfortable, but they're ugly and sometimes scary to look at. These ailments, as you probably know, are a type of herpes, known also as HSV-1, and only occur on the lips--unlike its virus counterpart HSV-2 which affects the genital area.

If you are prone to suffering from these annoying cold sores then you'll be glad to know that there are some natural ways to remedy them in your own home!

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Normally you have to let the cold sore run its course and that can be dreadful especially if you have a special occasion coming up. The last thing you want to do is attend a holiday party with that eye sore on your lip.

However you can reduce the amount of time that it lingers by trying out some of these natural treatments! Check them out below!

Honey: Studies have shown that by applying honey to the sore, the duration was shortened by 35 percent. But most importantly it has to be either raw or unprocessed honey to be effective.

Boost your vitamins: The reason cold sores appear is because your immune system is low. The key is to battle the sore by uping your vitamins. Take 1,000 mg of calcium and magnesium, and 15 mg zinc to battle the fever blister.

Lemon balm: This plant can be taken as a tea or applied topically through a salve on the sore. Former studies have shown that it can reduce symptoms of redness and swelling in as little as two days.

Licorice: It might sound funny that this candy can stop a cold sore from flaring up, but it's true! Make sure its real licorice because the glycyrrhizic acid in it prevents the sore from getting worse.

Green tea: Drink green tea to combat that pesky cold sore. An antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate found in the hot beverage was proven to reduce its cell growth by 92 percent. Either apply a  green tea compress on the blister or try to drink two to three cups a day. 

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Add Comment If you suffer from cold sores, what do you do to treat them?

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