Try these creative ways to hide your sex toys from your kids!


If you're an average adult woman, chances are you have some sex toys stored away in your closet or nightstand. Now, not to knock your storage method, but don't you think your big girl toys deserve better treatment?! Also, what if your kids find them? Here are some clever tips to rival a spy's tactics.


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Although sex toys are popular, many people remain squeamish at the idea of having one in their home. It's understandable that it would be mortifying if your kid came across it. Remember the video of that boy who found his mami's dildo? It was LOL funny for the rest of us, but not so much for her.

Maybe if she'd followed our storage suggestions she would have never been in that mess in the first place! Well, now that I have your attention, check out these sneaky ways to store your most personal products!

Sneaky Sack Toy Storage bag: This item can be easily hidden underneath a shirt or on a hanger in your closet, therefore you can pile on as much clothes as you want to make your stash less likely to be discovered.

Hollow Book: If you've even seen a spy movie, you know that secret agents have the best hiding spots. Why not try a hollow book complete with a lock safe to hide your most intimate toys? Just add one to your shelf or pile of books and no one will be the wiser.

Suitcase: This isn't an ideal spot (or maybe it is) if you are constantly traveling. However, if you use this unit only on occassional vacations, this is the perfect sneaky location.

Tampon box: If you have a teen girl in the house this might not be the best hiding spot. But if you don't, you should be safe with this hiding spot as who  would be caught dead snooping in here?

The Teddy Bear: Beware if you have small children in the house with this item, but this teddy bear has a special storage compartment where you can add your intimate products. Good thing it looks innocent!

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