5 Ways to keep alcohol from ruining your diet

Sticking to a diet can be hard, especially if you're anything like me and are way too easily tempted by those delicious yet (sadly) calorie-laden happy hour margaritas or other sugary alcoholic beverages. Just a couple of those babies can ruin your otherwise healthy eating habits if you're not careful! But luckily, there a few practices you can follow to keep alcohol from canceling out all your dieting efforts. Check them out below!


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  1. Try to stick to low-cal drinks. As tough as it might be to accept, mixed drinks (like margaritas) are typically between 400 and 600 calories--way too much for one single beverage! Instead go for something simple and healthier, like a vodka soda or a rum and Diet Coke.

  2. Eat before you drink. Lots of people suffer from post-alcohol munchies, which causes them to overindulge on junk foods that they wouldn't normally eat. Before you go for your first drink, try eating something rich in protein so that you'll feel satisfied and won't have to eat later.

  3. Moderation is key. Even if you stick to the low-calorie drinks, consuming too much of them will pack on the calories anyway. So don't go overboard!

  4. Drink water! Drinking too much alcohol, too fast just isn't healthy, especially if it triggers a desire to overeat. If you slow drown and drink a cup of water in between cocktails, it can cut your consumption down drastically.

  5. Plan ahead. If you know you're one of those people who can't help but eat when you get home from a night on the town, do yourself a favor and put away all that junk food away beforehand. If it's out of sight, you'll be less tempted to eat it. You can even put out some healthier alternatives if you know you'll need some sort of fuel.

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