8 Ways you can stay motivated to workout & lose weight!


You already know that no weight loss plan is complete without exercise. Plus, exercise benefits your health in numerous other ways. But knowing how important it is doesn't always make it easier to find the time and energy for your workout. Here are eight ways to stick to your workout and not give in to your lazy, couch potato side. Use these strategies to stick to your workout plan and keep those pounds falling off.


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1. The easiest way to keep up with your exercise plan is to find something you enjoy doing. If you like playing tennis, riding a bike, or running it won't seem like a chore. You'll look forward to your play session.

2. Find an accountable friend. If you know someone is going to show up to run with you or exercise with you at the gym you'll be less likely to roll over and go back to sleep.

3. If you can't self-motivate, then consider investing in a personal trainer. They'll keep your butt moving. You won't need to spend this money forever. Once you're in the habit of exercising and know what your body needs, you'll be able to continue on your own. But this is a good way to get started the right way.

4. Focus on a concrete number. If you cholesterol is too high it increases your chances of heart disease. So go to your doctor and find out your numbers. Ask what the ideal number is for someone your age. Then aim for that goal. When you go back for your annual check-out you and your doctor will both be happy to see how your numbers have improved thanks to your consistent exercise plan. Since heart disease is the number one killer of women; lowering your cholesterol may save your life as well as help with your weight loss goals.

5. Taking a class in self-defense can help improve your health, your confidence, and your strength. You'll also be able to protect yourself if you're ever forced into that situation.

6. Write your exercise time on your calendar like any other important appointment. Make sure if you miss a work-out session that you make it up on another day. If you know you're going to have to make up the session on another day you'll be more likely to think "Oh well, I think I'll just go ahead and go to the gym today." If you know you'll let yourself slide then it will be too easy to make a habit of skipping workouts.

7. Find out your body fat level as well as your weight. You want to lose extra pounds, but you'll also add muscle weight. So find out your body-fat levels so you'll have a real goal in mind.

8. Just do it. If you need to, tell yourself you're only to go exercise for ten minutes or fifteen. Once you get started you'll probably continue. Your energy level will rise and you'll discover it's making you feel better. This is the best incentive to keep going out and finish your workout.

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This post was originally published on October 14, 2013.

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