ALERT: 58,000 lbs. of recalled school lunch meat could be putting your kids at risk!

If your kids eat "hot lunches" at school, you may want to think about brown bagging their meals today. The USDA has recalled school meat provided by Central Valley Meat Company after small pieces of plastic were found inside their beef. The company has recalled 58,000 pounds of beef after 40 pounds of their product countaining 10 pounds of tainted meat were discovered.

If you're concerned that your children's school may have served meals with this meat, read on to get further details.


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If you live in Arkansas, Montana, California, or Texas, beware because these are the states that are said to have received the contaminated meat. So far the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service has not reported any people who have fallen sick eating the product and are doing their best to solve the issue.

Central Valley Meat company urges consumers that if they do suspect they've eaten the tainted meat to get medical help immediately. The company has been under scrutiny before after a shocking video surfaced revealing their inhumane treatment and killing of animals.

"Hot lunches" are an efficient way to keep students well fed for a cheap price, but in cases like this it isn't worth it. It concerns me that meat intended for school lunches was mishandled this way and it's unacceptable. Don't even get started on the history of animal cruelty. Parents should make sure to send their kids to school with a homemade meal to avoid them accidentally getting sick during this ordeal.

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