5 Ways to perk up your boobs without surgery

Every mom knows that after having a baby she has to sacrifice the perfection of her boobs. Snooki admitted during a recent appearance on the Bethenny show that she would consider getting a breast lift because she's unhappy with her post-pregnancy breasts. After having her 1-year-old son Lorenzo last year, Snooki says that her boobs got so big, that they're now "disgusting" and "hanging."

Well, Snooki, luckily for you and our other mamás, we have a few solutions to help your boobs get back to their perky, pre-baby shape.  


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Even though Snooki is unhappy with her chesticles, it isn't stopping her from expanding her family as she revealed to talk show host, Bethenny Frankel. The former meatball says she wants four kids and intends on adding to her brood after she gets married next year. Holy cow, her boobies are totally going to take a beating!

However, your breasts after baby don't have to look like a saggy disaster if you follow these tips to help improve them--without going under the knife. Check them out below!

Bronzer is your best friend: You use bronzer to add a little glow to your face so why not use it to contour your breasts? Sweep some along the "v" shape starting from the bottom up to help your breasts appear rounder and bigger!

Chest exercises: Don't skip out on push-ups or chest presses at the gym because these are key to keeping your boobs perky. By working your pectoral muscles you are maintaining your breast shape and structure.

Wear the right bra: If you're wearing the right bra, you'll change your appearance drastically. Wearing the wrong one can downplay your assets, which is why it's important to get fitted for the ideal style and cut for you.

Invest in shapewear: There are many pieces of shapewear out there that copy the results of plastic surgery. Not only do these make you appear slimmer and shapelier, but your boobs will get that vavavoom boost too.

Have a booby beauty routine: The way you take care of your face should apply to your breasts too. Using your facial moisturizer on them keeps them wrinkle-free and smoother as you age. Also, avoid sleeping on your stomach as this causes wrinkles to develop on the girls and you don't want that.

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