Meet the amazing husband & wife that together lost more than 500 lbs!

This is one amazing weight loss story you won't want to miss! The couple you see in the picture has lost a combined 520 lbs. in 19 months and the results are unbelievable! I'm always in awe of people who manage feats like these, but what Justin and Lauren Shelton have done is like nothing I've seen before. Keep reading so that you see how they look now... they're downright unrecognizable!


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Crazy, right? Yeah, I thought so too! It's like two completely different people, don't you think? I just can't get over the fact that being obese can make you look so much different. 

The inspiring thing about this young couple is that they pushed each other throughout their entire weight-loss journey being supporting and motivating, which is so important during such a difficult process. But the most incredible part of their story is that they lost those 500 lbs. the old fashioned way: changing their diet and exercising!

Both Justin and Lauren had spent the majority of their lives being overweight, finding comfort in food, like many people like them who battle with their weight. But when Justin got sick and was too big to fit into the machine that would confirm whether he had a kidney infection or not, he came to the realization that the time had come to lose the weight once and for all.

His wife agreed and that's when their journey began 19 months ago. When they started, Justin weighed 592 lbs. while Lauren weighed 341. This is what they weigh now: Justin is at 245 lbs. and Lauren at 164 lbs. And they both look amazing! 

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