7 Reasons pubic hair is NOT your enemy

When we walk into a beauty salon we don't think twice when we get our eyebrows, legs, arms, or even our armpits waxed. However, should we really be getting rid of our hair down there? Pubic hair is one of those taboo topics that women constantly have to struggle with.

We get rid of it for vain reasons, such as our vaginas looks prettier, our men like it, or we want to try a new trend such as vajazzling. However, there are plenty of reasons to grow it out if you dare…


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I'm not saying you have to sport an untamed bush, but you would be surprised to know that many ladies feel "naked" without pubes. In fact, they may be on to something that many of us can benefit from.

Sure, it doesn't seem like the social norm to have a tuft of hair poking out of our vagina, but humans have had it since the beginning of time. If your hubby can get away with sporting it, why can't you?

This is why you SHOULD keep (or grow out) your pubic hair:

Infection prevention: Pubic hair traps any dirt or bacteria before it has a chance to get into the vagina. Hence, why it is so thick and coarse.

Keeps you cool down there: Hair in this area is intended to act as a filter to keep you cool, therefore if you are hair free and sweaty, you up your chances of developing a yeast infection. 

Decreases friction during sex: If you're prone to irritation down there during sex, then pubic pubic hair can act as a buffer to keep you from getting a nasty burn.

Gives off pheromones: This is our body's naturally scent that tells men you're ready to mate. By getting rid of your hair you may be keeping yourself from meeting Mr. Right. 

Men still like it: Although we are programmed to expect ourselves to look a certain way because of porn and the media, men will sleep with you whether you have a bush or not.

Hair removal costs time, pain and money: If you've had your vajayjay waxed, you know that it is a high maintenance habit to have. It's also risky because you are more likely to come in contact with tainted wax that can lead to infection. 

It's what makes you a woman: Pubic hair is what distinguishes a woman from a little girl physically. The key to having pubic hair is to keep the area looking neat. The last thing you want your man to see is an out of control looking bush!

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