5 Effective ways to lose weight WITHOUT dieting

There's no doubt that Nicole Scherzinger has one of the best bodies out there. With a figure like hers you would think that she follows a strict diet, free of carbs and lots of starving, but you will be pleased to know she DOESN'T even diet. She's learned from former experience that dieting only derails your weight loss success, so instead she eats all foods in moderation.

I was so inspired by The X-Factor judge's healthy eating habits that I came up with a way to lose weight WITHOUT dieting.


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Scherzinger told Look magazine that she alternates her eating regimen with six small meals a day or three main meals and focuses on eating whole grains and protein-filled breakfasts and lunches. She also doesn't deprive herself of her favorite snacks such as red velvet cheesecake and salt and vinegar chips. In addition, she focuses on toning exercises at the gym and encourages women to embrace the way they look, no matter what their shape, to gain confidence.

It's great to know that we don't need to diet in order to lose weight and just need to eat foods in moderation. Check out how you too can achieve your goal weight without fad dieting!

Get enough sleep: Being sleep deprived ups your chances of eating MORE. Studies have shown that when you lack sleep you tend to eat 300 MORE calories in a day.

Portion Control: Avoid eating with your eyes and instead focus on learning your body's natural responses to food. Listen to your body when it's full and learn about serving sizes to keep you from overeating. 

Keep fresh food around: By having fresh veggies and fruits in your home, you're setting yourself up to eat well naturally. By filling up on these you will not only cut calories, but you'll be full and lose weight without trying.

Do yoga or meditate: Normally when we emotionally eat it's because we are stressed.Practice yoga or meditation which focuses on breathing and physically relaxes you which can keep you from mindlessly eating.

Eat slowly: When you eat too fast, you're apt to consume extra calories. Keep in mind it takes 20 minutes for your brain to register if it is full and studies show that women who take longer to eat take in 10 percent less food.

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