Teen bodybuilder has the face of an angel but the body of Hercules

Physically, everything about 17-year-old Yulia Vins is awe-inspiring. Her eyes are an amazing shade of emerald and are so unbelievably large you feel like you could just dive right into them. Her flawless eyebrows form spectacular arches that further highlight the beauty of her eyes. Her lips are perfectly plump and almost too beautiful to be real. And her hair? Well, it ain't bad either. Quite honestly, she has the face and hair of a doll. A perfectly sculpted porcelain doll, the kind you want to collect and put on a shelf so that you can look at whenever you like. Then there is her body, and it is ASTOUNDING, but not for the same reasons her face is. You have to see her body to believe it.


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Yulia Vins, or Yulia Viktorovna Vins, is a Russian teenage power-lifter and has a body that would make Hercules want to spend a few more hours in the gym. I mean she's so strong her muscles have muscles.

The seeming incongruity of her delicate facial features and her formidable body are causing a sensation and blowing people's minds. I have no doubt that many will be shocked by her body and deem it too "masculine" to be attractive, but I think it's wonderful when anyone messes with stereotypes. Yulia Vins is undeniably beautiful. I mean for crying out loud, LOOK AT THAT FACE! And her body, even if it is not your ideal of feminine beauty, is indeed a sight to behold. It is a testament to hard work and dedication.

I love that she rocks both her face and body with pride and that she challenges both our notions of feminine beauty and strength.

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