5 Easy moves that will give you flat abs, guaranteed! (VIDEOS)

For the longest time we've been told we should do the traditional crunches and sit ups to get flat abs, but guess what? There are WAY better exercises you can do to get rid of that tummy--and they won't have you uncomfortably crunching on the floor. These moves not only strengthen other parts of your body, but give your abs a full on workout too.

Curious to find out what exercises these are? Read on to find out!


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One thing I learned is that spot reducing is not effective. A full body workout gives you better results than just focusing on abs alone. If you're ready to abandon those old-schoole ab moves, check out these exercises below to achieve your flattest tummy yet!

Deadlifts: First stand with your feet hip width, holding dumbbells or a barbell with your palms facing in. Maintain soft knees and keep your stomach tight, as you bend from the hips forward with your arms reaching straight down your legs. 

Cross Over Bicep Curl: Stand with feet hip width apart, soft knees, and engage your abs as you lift one heavy dumbell at a time across the body. You will immediately feel your abs getting that workout in!

Side kick: Stand with your arms in and fists underneath your chin. Rotate one heel in and keep your weight balanced there as you lift your free leg up, foot flexed, and kick. This martial arts move causes you to stabalize the body and targets your chicho area.

Single Leg Bridge: Lay down on a mat with your knees bent and arms pressed down at the sides, butt up, with only your heels touching the ground. Keep your foot flexed and as your alternate lifting each leg. When you are lowering down the heels, that's when you should be able to feel it in your abs.

Single leg military press: Balance yourself on one leg while keeping the other knee bent and hold a set of heavy dumbbells in your hands. Extend one arm straight overhead and bend elbow down to your shoulder while maintaining your balance and alternate.

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