It's never too early to get your immune system up and on time for cold and flu season. In fact, after a few terrible weeks of being incredibly sick and even having my appendix removed, my immune system has been down to the floor, making me a lot more prone to colds and other illnesses than usual. So these days to get myself stronger, I'm using some of my abuelita's remedios caseros to help give my immune system a drastic boost. Believe it or not, these Latin remedies REALLY do work!

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The truth of the matter is, whether it's cold season or not, a low immune system will only lead you to a cold or make you more vulnerable to infections. And so far the only thing that's been working for me has been a few of these amazing homemade remedios. I'm telling you they work better than anything over the counter that's for sure. Check them out below!

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Malta remedy 1

Malta remedy

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I pretty much grew up drinking Malta, so I never have a problem gulping down this remedy. Seriously, what Latino doesn’t drink this barley drink? All you have to do is add 2 bottles of Malta, 1/2 pound of achiote, and 1/2 a bottle of honey to a sauce pan and boil them together for 10 minutes. Pour it throught a strainer to liquefy it, then store in a glass jar. Keep it in the fridge and try drinking about 3 or 4 ounces (the amount of an expresso shot) every morning and at night before going to bed.


Molasses remedy 2

Molasses remedy

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This is another one of my favorite remedios for the immune system. Abuela makes this one all the time. Take 1 large raw beet and grind it, then liquify it with a strainer. Combine the beet juice with a bottle of molasses and drink a tablespoon a day for results.


Guayaba remedy 3

Guayaba remedy

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Dominicans really swear by guavas when it comes to staying healthy. This tropical fruit is rich in iron which is great for building up the immune system. Try adding 3 or 4 chopped guyabas with 1 chopped red pepper (also rich in iron) to a blender with a tablespoon of brown sugar. Can’t find any guayabas in your local supermarket? Don’t worry, Goya sells them frozen! I drink a full glass every morning now for breakfast.

Aloe vera remedy 4

Aloe vera remedy

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During the wintertime abuela always makes her popular aloe vera and honey remedy to help ward off colds. She uses a knife to peel off the skin from the aloe vera leaves and adds the gel to a blender along with 1/2 a bottle of honey. Once the mixture is well blended she adds it to a a glass jar and stores it in the fridge. Have one to two tablespoons a day.


Carrot juice remedy 5

Carrot juice remedy

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Another really good remedy for bringing up your immune system is a carrot and beet juice batido. Cut up 3 or 4 carrots and throw them into a food processor or juicer, then add 1 chopped beet. Add a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice along with 2 tablespoons of oatmeal. Make sure it liquefies well.