Flatten your belly without even getting out of bed!

Exercising usually takes place in a gym, but what if I told you that you can do your favorite ab moves in the comfort of your bed? Yes, you read that right! Normally you're used to doing crunches on a yoga mat or other activities on the floor, but honestly there are days where you just want to stay in bed. Forget having to throw on your workout clothes and having to trek outside your home.

Instead we're bringing the workouts to you and you can get that flat tummy you always wanted just by laying in bed. Wait till you see what you can do without leaving the covers!


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This is the perfect solution for people who tend to have lower back problems, mildly sick, or if you're just being lazy (yes, it works in that case too!). These modified moves are ideal to get in if you missed your morning workout or need to get some quick ab work in. Do these moves and you can tell your friends you have great abs all because you stayed in bed!

Check out the exercises below!

Toe-Touch-Crunch: Work your upper and lower abs with this move by laying flat in bed and raising your legs at a 90 degree angle. Crunch upward until your fingers touch your toes and make sure you contract your abs. 

Leg Lifts: This is a great way to work your lower abs without the pain of being on the floor. Lay flat on your back with your palms face down an lift the legs straight up with toes are pointing to the ceiling. Make sure to contract your abs and then return to the starting position.

Plank: Bring your body up into a push up position and lower yourself onto your forearms while keeping your lower body lifted. Keep your abs contracted and hold for as long as you can and repeat.

Bicycle Crunches: Lay back and with your legs bent and arms behind your head, aim to crunch up and alternate bringing your elbows to the opposite knee as you lift. Keeps abs tight as you do this move until exhaustion. 

Full body roll up: Lay on your back with your arms at the sides and roll your body up slowly lifting with your arms in front of you. Keep your abs tight as you roll back down and repeat the move as many times as needed.

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