New weight loss app is the most sexist & degrading thing EVER

Everyone knows you NEVER insult a woman's weight. But a new Japanese app called Nenshou ("For Girls") is defying all odds (in a bad way). It has mixed the realms of weight loss and dating, but it's not as great as it sounds. It has good-looking anime (Japanese comics) male characters insulting you to lose weight until he finds you attractive enough to well, bang.

Get the hell out of here! This HAS to be a joke…. 


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The ridiculous weight loss app provides you with a fake virtual boyfriend who makes self-esteem crushing insults by calling you a "fattie," which is supposed to be motivating. You think that's bad? You actually have to develop a "relationship" with your designated anime character. Um, why? He's not even real!

Although the method this app uses is degrading, the concept has good intentions as it provides different workouts that women can follow. In other words, while you're getting that ab workout in, you have this verbally abusive cheerleader in your ear saying things like, "Hey fattie!"

Oh but it gets better! The men have a similar app except they aren't getting insulted and instead have cute girls encouraging them during their workout. Wow, talk about sexist. It's bad enough that women already suffer from self-esteem issues, but this app is encouraging it. Not only that, but it is approving of verbally abusive relationships--even though I hardly call a virtual anime character a "boyfriend". How pathetic is that anyway?

Look, if I wanted an idiot guy insulting me for the way I look, I'd go back to middle school. I can't picture anyone with half a brain actually buying this app just to lose weight. There are more effective and positive self-motivating methods out there to lose weight and this is certainly NOT one of them.  

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Would you ever use an app like Nenshou?

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Would you ever use an app like Nenshou?

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on Sep 5, 2013 at 4:29 AM
Degrading? Yes. Sexist to women? You're an idiot. Try looking at it from the other side, it's the guys being portrayed as mean.
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on May 19, 2016 at 1:59 AM
You need to chill the fuck out and maybe do more than 5 minutes of bias glossing over of soneone elses review before you go on a big sensationalistic rant about something you've never used... And also hypocritically calling girls patheic for potentially liking this app while in the same breath being enraged because theres one line of insulting dialogue for one character. (If you'd researched it a little you'd know the character doesn't exclusively insult you, the majority is encouraging and in the version for men the female still calls the male user fat)
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