How to beat those food temptations & lose weight for good!

One of the hardest things to deal with when losing weight is the food temptation. Whether you work in an office or your hubby brings home junk food, we're always faced by it. Who wouldn't prefer to eat a chocolate bar instead of a piece of fruit?

Unfortunately the reality is that food temptation is here to stay and will be in your presence 90 percent of the time. The key is to reduce the amount of temptation around you if you can and learning to cope with it. Here's how you can successfully achieve that…


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It's human nature to crave certain unhealthy foods, and at times it's okay to indulge. However if you're hounded by it on a daily basis, it can be a hard battle to fight. The site of doughnuts, pizza, cookies, bagels, and chips can easily break anyone's diet especially if they're one of your favorite foods.

No need to worry! We're here to save you from this beast know as junk food, aka empty calories. The next time you're faced with it, you'll be able to fight it off without a problem.

Check out our tips below!

Eliminate it from the kitchen: If you can, do your best to keep any cookies, chips, chocolates away from the home in order to avoid temptation. Keep healthier and fresher foods around instead. If it's out of sight, it's out of mind.

Plan your meals out: Lets say you can't give up that birthday cupcake at work or those cookies. Instead of depriving yourself of the treat, make sure you plan your other meals around it by keeping them as healthy as possible. That way if you indulge, you won't feel so bad or break your diet.

Brush your teeth: This sneaky little trick can deter you from breaking your diet if your craving is out of boredom. Chewing on gum can also have the same effect. After all, who really wants to have a piece of chocolate cake with fresh and minty tasting breath? 

Distract Yourself: According to John Foreyt, PhD., of Baylor College of Medicine, cravings only last 10 minutes. Therefore, if you are presented with junk food, it's best to distract yourself for those ten minutes. Whether it's chatting with a friend or going for a walk, this will give you enough time to deciding if you are really craving those chips or if it was a false alarm.  

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