5 reasons it's okay to ignore your scale during weight loss

During weight loss, we depend on portion control, making smarter food choices to help us--and we also rely on the scale. I can tell you I have a love-hate relationship with that thing as many of us do. As much as we'd like to believe that the scale is just an inanimate object intended to help you keep track of your weight, it's not. It can also affect your mood if you don't like what you see.

However ladies, I do have some good news for you as the scale is not as dependable as you may think during your weight loss journey. In fact, you should throw it out altogether!


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A scale can only tell you so much about your weight loss success therefore you shouldn't rely on it too much. There are way too many factors that can affect your weight that will cause it to shift when you step on a scale. If you do notice a drastic gain that doesn't budge, start moderating your diet a little more.

To find out when it's okay to ignore the scale, check out our list below. Some of these may actually surprise you!

Your weight fluctuates ALL day: You can't depend on a scale because your weight varies throughout the day. There can be as much as a five pound difference from your morning and evening weight and it all is according to what  you eat, drink, how often you go to the bathroom, you name it.

The number on the scale doesn't determine your health: Seriously, 125 pounds on a thin inactive woman with bad food choices will look less healthy compared to a woman of the same weight who does her best to remain active and healthy. Keep in mind, the scale can't tell you much about your overall health.

The number on the scale is deceiving: If you've been consistent with a workout routine, you would think you would see a lower number on the scale, right? Wrong.  You may find that your weight will go up next weigh in. This is because internal inflammation (body soreness), hydration, among other biological factors such as gas, waste, urine, blood volume, even air we breathe can affect that little number.  

Your clothes fit better but the scale won't budge: If your favorite pair of skinny jeans have been fitting looser but your scale says you weigh the same, congratulations! That means you're getting in better shape. It's better to measure your bodily improvement through the way your clothes fit as opposed to depending on the scale. If you're looking better in your outfits, you're doing something right!

Water weight is an illusion: So you took a spin class, weighed yourself and saw you lost five pounds. This doesn't measure accurate weight loss. In fact, that is just sweat that you lost and you will gain those pounds back as soon as you replenish those nutrients. The human body is made up of 65 to 90 percent of water which strongly influences the fluctuation in body weight a lot.  

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