5 Alcoholic drinks you can enjoy without guilt while on a diet

One of the hardest things to give up during weight loss is alcohol. That flavorful cocktail you like is practically forbidden from your diet plan and you already know you shouldn't be drinking your calories in the first place. But what good is attending a summer time BBQ or a rooftop party if you can't enjoy an ice cold beer or margarita? A sucky one, that's what.

Although drinking too much alcohol isn't a good thing, it's okay to indulge once in a while in your favorite cocktail of choice. And believe it or not there are some that you may enjoy without the worry of overdoing it on the calories!


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If it's hard for you to part with your favorite beer then we may have some solutions for you: You don't have to give up alcohol at all as you lose weight--as long as you make better choices. Below are a few of our favorite drinks that you don't have to be afraid to indulge on. Just remember, don't go overboard!

Beer: If you love beer, the last thing you want is a beer belly. Avoid the full calorie ones that can pack you over 140 calories per bottle. That's why your best bet is to go with a low calorie beer of your choice to avoid packing on the pounds. Other better options include darker lagers such as Guinness which carry less calories than other beers.

White and Red wine: Wine can be a little tricky since there are certain types you should opt for. Avoid the sweeter types which pack extra sugar and calories, and instead go for the dry versions. These will reduce the amount of calories you consume and you won't have to worry about breaking your diet.

Champagne: Yay, you don't have to pass up on the champagne at celebrations! Champagne only has 84 calories, which makes it okay for you to enjoy a glass. But make sure you don't go overboard. A glass or two should be enough to satisfy your alcohol craving.

Drinks on the rocks: If you can bear to drink hard liquors such as scotch or flavored vodka on the rocks, then go for it. They are less in calories than when mixed with other chasers that are generally filled with sugars.   

Dilute your drinks: If you absolutely must have that Cosmopolitan or Jack and Coke, make sure to opt for lower calorie mixers such as club soda or a diet soda. This will avoid packing on extra calories and still let you savor your favorite drink.

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