This new pill may mean you never have to exercise again, but is it a good idea?

The last thing you want to do during a heat wave is exercise. Well, you may not have to! One study has found that there may be a pill in the future that will give us the same benefits that exercise does. Hence, we won't need to do the hard work ourselves anymore!

And as anything that sounds too good to be true, many are questioning if this is a safe method in the first place ...


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According to the New York Times, researchers at Scripps Research Institute in Florida tested an unidentified compound which is intended to speed up the activation of a protein called REV-ERB on mice. This protein helps read the biological clocks and circadian rhythms inside the animal, but what this mystery chemical did fascinated researchers.

Reportedly the rodents that had the compound injected into them lost weight despite what their diet was like and even improved their cholesterol levels. Closer analysis found that those treated mice used up to five percent more energy than the ones who weren't being tested. What made this observation more interesting was the fact that they were probably lazier!

During exercise, a substance found in muscles is supposed to increase and create more energy. This theory was tested on inactive mice with and without the compound in the pill by making them run on a treadmill. What was discovered was that the mice without the treatment performed 60 percent lower than they should have. But the mice with the compound ran longer and further and improved their muscle. This sudden revelation intrigued researchers who questioned if this pill could one day replace the need to exercise.

But not so fast, the researches who ran the study don't recommend relying on the idea of a pill to replace exercise. They warn that there could be health risks if taken the wrong way, especially since this creation is meant to help those such as the disabled who can't exercise. Sorry ladies!

I guess the best thing to do right now is work out the way you already have than wait for a pill. Besides it's safer to exercise at your own pace rather than letting a foreign chemical into your body. And lets face it, no pill can give you the natural effect of a "runner's high."

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