10 Annoying things people say when we're trying to lose weight

If you're trying to lose weight right, then you've probably encountered people trying to sabotage your weight loss goals. You know what I mean, the friends and family members who tell you that you don't need to lose weight because you look "fine." But along with them come the people who don't respect your decision to lose a few pounds and encourage you to eat that extra cookie or piece of cake.

It's like everywhere you go there is always someone trying to keep you from achieving your best self. In fact, we've come up with some of the most annoying things people say to us when we're trying to lose weight! And we're sure you've heard PLENTY of these…


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Being surrounded by nay sayers all the time can affect your weight loss goal completely. That's why its important to have a support group that understands you and encourages the healthy habits you've established thus far.  

But what we hate the most are the unnecessary comments we have to deal with when struggling to lose those last few pounds. I get it, your passive aggressive comments are driven by your insecurity because if I get thinner you fear it will make you look bad. Nailed it. Take a look at our list and let us know if you've heard any of these and if there are any others we missed!

  1. You look fine! you don't need to lose any weight!
  2. Don't get too skinny! You'll start to look anorexic.
  3. You're not THAT big.
  4. One brownie won't hurt…
  5. You don't need to exercise, you look good already.
  6.  There are bigger who should lose weight, but you're fine.
  7. I have a friend who tried your diet and gained the weight right back.
  8. You look better now than you did before.
  9. You've lost enough weight already!
  10. You're so tiny already, where do you need to lose weight from?

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