This is the easiest & cheapest way to drop the pounds for good

The secret to losing weight turns out to be quite cheap and accessible! A new study has found that drinking more water--approximately a liter, can help you lose extra weight. The experiment was done to see how drinking water impacts diets and the results were astonishing. This news is especially helpful if you are in the process of losing weight yourself.

So why do heavy water drinkers weigh less than those who don't touch the stuff? The answer is quite simple really…


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The study found that people who drank more water while dieting lost 4 pounds more than those who drink less than a liter a day. According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the reason for this is because it keeps you fuller longer and as a result reduces caloric intake. Rebecca Mucklebauer, the lead researcher of the study says the other reason could be that water increases energy throughout the body.

It is recommended that adults drink up to 2.5 liters of liquids daily whether it is through beverages or food. In the United States most people avoid water but consume about 500 extra calories a day from other beverages. In fact, its been proven that women who choose water over other sweetened drinks are less likely to develop diabetes or kidney stones.

However, it cannot be determined that just by drinking water will help you eliminate pounds. The study showed that some overweight and obese people drank more water than average sized people and their weights didn't budge. Therefore, weight loss and water consumption is not always correlated.

I guess you can't always expect these studies to be COMPLETELY accurate since other variables are involved. For all we know some of the people this experiment was tested on could have had health problems which affected their weight. Despite that it doesn't hurt to add more water to your diet since it's good for you in the long haul. And if it happens to help you lose weight as you maintain a healthy diet then enjoy the benefits!

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