Snooki's impressive post-baby body--we've been as shocked with her slim physique after she had Lorenzo as we were of her crazy antics on the Jersey Shore. There's no denying that the pint-sized star has come a long way since her reality show days and a lot of it may have something to do with becoming a mom to her son Lorenzo.

Most recently, Snooki gave us a sneak peak of her fitness progress and, um, hello, abs! This "meatball" is a meatball no more! She's been proving that strong is the new skinny and has been flashing her flat and toned tummy all over her social media pages. If you want Snooki-inspired abs, read on to find out how you can get them too!


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I never thought I'd see the day where Snooki and I had something in common. And by that I mean we have similar fitness goals and getting in shape for bathing suit season.  Every woman out there knows that building abs are a must in the summertime. I mean, you want to look good in a bikini after all!

So while we can sit here with envy staring at Snooki's hot abs, I've rounded up some workouts that will get you closer to achieving your own abs of steel. Maybe even one day you'll even be giving Snooki a run for her money.

If you are serious about achieving sexy summer abs then try these moves out below! I know I will be!

Image via Snooki/ Instagram

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