5 Fun ways to work out in your high heels

The other night I was watching the latest episode of I Love Jenni, and was kind of impressed to see Chiquis working out with high heels on. She had on a pair of what looked like 6-inchers and was doing lunges while vacuuming at the same time. How Latina is that? And as crazy as it might sound, this is definitely NOT the first time I've heard of chicas exercising while wearing heels. It's supposedly a really effective way to tone up and intensify your work outs.


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While I can't guarantee you that these workouts won't result in bunions or pain, I can tell you that a lot of women do rave about the so-called amazing results, celebs included. One thing for sure, you'll definitely look a little more glamorous the next time you break a sweat. Check out a few of these high heel workouts that might get you in top notch shape faster than you can imagine!

Do squats: Have you ever noticed how great Julissa Bermudez's butt looks? The Dominican TV Host has a rear that can easily compete with J.Lo's and she has her high heels to thank for that. She does squats regularly with her high heels on. Try wearing your highest stilettos the next time you attempt to do some squatting exercises, but start off doing less reps than usual. You might not be able to handle the intensity!

Lunges: If you're going to do lunges in heels, try a pair that features a lower, and thicker heel. You don't want to lose your balance and wind up falling. Try doing 2 to 3 sets of 15 to 20 reps. This is a great way to tone up your butt, quads, and inner thighs.

Dance: There's a reason why professional dancers tend to rehearse in their high heels. Not only do they need to get used to dancing in their tacones for the day of the performance, but I'm convinced it helps work out their legs more than usual. Seriously, have you ever seen a professional dancer with so-so looking legs? I didn't think so! The next time you decide to go dancing, whether at a club or around your living room, make sure to throw on those heels.

Plié: Here's another move that will definitely give your butt some lift. Start off standing with your feet wide apart (in heels of course) with your toes turned out and your arms at your sides. Now lower your body into a plié squat and while you go down, raise your arms in front of you, shoulder height with palms facing down. Hold the position for 3 seconds and then continue with 10 reps. Warning: Your booty will hurt afterwards.

Work out those calves: Strengthen those calf muscles by repeatedly going up a flight stairs with high heels on. You'll feel it almost instantly and the best part is you'll be working your thighs and your butt simultaneously. It might sound silly but it really works!

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