Army wife loses 100 lbs during husband's deployment, shocks him upon return! (VIDEO)

I can't help but being touched by a military homecoming. Watching loved ones embrace after not having seen each other for who knows how long always makes a lump rise in my throat. Misty Scaffer's husband, Army Specialist Larry Shaffer, had been deployed in Afghanistan for 12 months. The couple from North Carolina have a 3-year-old daughter named Nevaeh who had grown much since her father had seen her. As touching as seeing how much his daughter had grown during the time he was gone, Larry Shaffer was even more surprised by how much his wife had shrunk in the same amount of time.


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Misty Schaffer managed to lose over 100 pounds while her husband was away and she somehow kept it a secret from him. "I just kept pictures off Facebook, off the Internet. When I did send him pictures, they were from the shoulder up," said Misty.

The best part is Larry's reaction after seeing his much svelter wife. Seriously, he should be awarded a best husband medal for saying, "Wow! This is icing on the cake because I've been happy with the way she's looked since day one but it's something she wanted to do and she reached her goal." I told you, this guy deserves some kind of husband medal!

As if surprising her husband with her incredible weight loss weren't enough, Misty also surprised him with a new home. "He's been wanting to buy a house now forever and I went and did it while he was gone," said Misty.

Okay, so maybe they both deserve great spouse medals. This lovely couple seems to truly apprecate and deserve each other. I wish them much happiness in their new home.


Image via ABC News

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