5 Ways aloe vera is the key to losing weight

Aloe vera, or sábila to us Latinas, is a plant that's been used since before our abuelas' times. This incredible plant is meant for more than soothing sunburns or skin irritation; in fact it can even help you lose weight. Yes, the plant you used for many years to cure cuts and other skin issues can do wonders for your waist line and you didn't even know it!


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The weight loss benefits of the aloe vera leaf not only helps you drop the pounds, but makes you healthier in the process. The plant with the gel-like interior has been around for years and has been used by the Greeks for beauty purposes, the Chinese to cure kidney infections, and also to treat asthma and other stomach issues. The medicial plant is often seen sold in the form of a juice which you can make at home and it especially plays an important role during weight loss.

Aloe vera has tons of health and weight loss benefits that I can never stop raving about it. You even have the option to grow it in your own home if you want!

Check out the weight loss benefits Aloe Vera consists of in our list below.

Getting started with aloe vera: Cut the leaf lengthwise to get rid of the sharp edges and then cut it lengthwise again down the middle. Use a spoon to scoop out the gel substance you will be using. To make the juice you will have to blend the gel as soon as it is off the plant. It can even be combined with a flavored juice to help tone down its natural bitter taste.

Energy: Aloe vera is a great drink to have first thing in the morning because it cleanses your digestive system and gives you infinite amounts of energy. The protein and collagen it contains makes the body work harder to burn. The calories burned are from the fats and carbs in the body (hence why it's great for weight loss) and it with helps muscle development. This is also what makes it an excellent pre-workout beverage to help get you going!

Weight management: Since aloe vera is known to reduce blood sugar levels, it helps sugar slowly enter cells without being stored as fat. It also helps keep your blood sugar levels balanced and as a result keeps you fuller longer.

Weight Loss: Aloe vera contains many B vitamins which helps support metabolism as well as suppressing appetite and fat storage (as mentioned before). Due to the amount of energy the body has to use to burn the plant, some even say it is the equivalent to doing many workouts during the week.

Body Cleanser: The gel found in the plant is known to be a natural laxative which allows the body to use less energy from food since it is eliminated quickly. By expelling waste and preventing build up in the colon you could prevent potential weight gain.  

Powerhouse of vitamins: During a diet, it's easy to not receive all the vitamins you need, but by drinking aloe vera juice, you will be feeding your system with vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E, folic acid, and niacin. And you can't forget about the amount of energy that they will help you burn too!

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